Shoes For Men Medallion Toe Oxford Diablo Antique Italian Handcrafted

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Shoes for men; Medallion Toe Oxford Dress Shoe in Diablo Antique Italian Leather

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Best shoes for men; Classic medallion toe Oxfords Italian leather dress shoes in diablo antique. The Medallion Toe Oxford Thomas Diablo Antique is crafted from the finest calfskin leather with traditional medallion toe cap detailing and contrasting stacked heel. All Ace Marks shoes benefit from a durable blake flex construction with leather soles and waxed dress shoe laces. The model adds a further touch of sophistication to any outfit with its smooth leather finish and understated elegance. The Medallion Toe Oxford Thomas Diablo Antique has a lace-up fastening with stitching, a sleeker shape and flexible soles for added comfort.