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This air fryer empowers you to make all your favorite deep-fried foods without the grease and extra calories. What’s more, not only can you make your favorite greasy foods without all the well, grease: chicken wings, turkey, potato and sweet potato fries, fish etc, you can also use the air fryer as a dehydrator to make dried vegetable chips, fruit rolls, dried fruit and more.


Fried Foods with No Calories

Big Boss Kitchen is dedicated to making products that promote healthier lifestyles.

When making the switch to a healthier lifestyle, there’s no need to eliminate the foods your family loves most. Using the Big Boss Oil-less fryer, you can continue making crispy french fries, mozzarella sticks, fried chicken, crispy veggies & more.

  • Little to no oil needed.
  • Energy efficient.
  • 1300 Watts
  • 16 QT capacity.
  • Cook two of your favorite foods at the same time.
  • Triple cooking power; halogen convection & infrared heat.

Oil-Less Fryer makes healthy meals without the calories of a traditional deep fryer. The fryer’s efficient design heats food quickly while retaining flavor and moisture. Suitable for cooking a range of meat, poultry, vegetables, and desserts, this versatile tabletop cooker comes in handy for any meal. Its two-tray design lets it cook multiple foods simultaneously, adding a dose of convenience to meal preparation.

  • Included items: One (1) frying unit, one (1) fry bowl, three (3) metal fry screens, one (1) heat guard, one (1) pair of tongs, one (1) holder, one (1) recipe book
  • Brand: Big Boss
  • Triple cooking power: Halogen, convection, infrared heat
  • Quickly cooks from frozen, no thawing time needed
  • Two (2) trays cook multiple foods at the same time
  • Type: Oil-less Fryer
  • Finish: Clear glass
  • Color: Silver, Red, Blue, Black
  • Style: Modern
  • Settings: Heat and timer settings
  • Display: None
  • Wattage: 1300
  • Model: 8605, 9063, 9228, 9065
  • Dimensions: 16 inches high x 12.5 inches wide x 13.5 inches deep

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