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Are you crazy like the rest of them for crazy horse leather? You should be, it is the most amazing thing you will hold in your hand! These short Crazy Horse Cowhide Leather Men’s wallets look gorgeous and very, very expensive (read below to learn more about what crazy horse cowhide leather is so you know what to expect when you order it). Ready to impress and be impressed? 

    • Beautiful genuine crazy horse cowhide leather small, men’s wallets
    • Very high quality, designer look
    • Comes in 3 different colors
    • Delivery to the US takes ~ 2 weeks.

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

In case you missed it while you were under that rock (just kidding!!),  crazy horse leather and it’s unique antique appearance is wowing the world. A teeny weeny scratch or rub transforms the leather fibers to a different shade, and if there is even a slight bend then the entire bend line takes on a different shade, giving this wallet a very genuine and super expensive look. But don’t worry; it only changes shades based on handling; this wallet will be as durable as any other leather wallet.

Please note that items from China have very attractive prices but will not have any fancy packaging. If you plan to gift this item, order it way ahead of time and gift-wrap it yourself to your liking.

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