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Aura Cacia Organic Citronella Essential Oil (1x.25 Oz) – Health & Beauty/Aromatherapy & Massage Free Shipping

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Go natural with Aura Cacia Organic Ac Citrnla Ess Oil (1x.25 OZ). Physically, citronella will produce a subtle sensation of warmth when properly diluted in a massage oil and applied to the skin. Dilute 3 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of massage oil. Using this in a friction massage may help bring relief to painful joints and muscles. Perform a simple friction massage by rubbing a targeted area vigorously until warmth is produced by the friction. The idea is to bring blood and soothing warmth into the affected area. Combine citronella with eucalyptus to heighten this effect, or use lavender to make the effect more moderate and balancing. . (Note: Description is informational only. Please read the ingredient label on the product for more information and always consult your health professional with any questions prior to use.)

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